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Welcome to the Allard one-name study website.
This study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies.
This is a relatively new study which at the moment is UK based. The intention is to extend the study to worldwide coverage.
I would love to hear from anyone with an interest in the Allard surname, and would welcome assistance in extending the coverage.
Any information supplied for inclusion in the site will, of course, be credited to the originator.

Feature Articles

feature 1 John Finley Allard
Debbie Thayer has submitted some details about the family of John Finley Allard.

feature 2 Feedback and information received
C-G Magnusson has submitted information regarding Seth Herbert Allard (born 1887-DEC-07 in Bjurholm parish, Västerbottens län, Sweden.
Parents: Olof Leander Allard (1854-FEB-27 -- 1917-MAR-19) and his wife Teresia Augusta Vilhelmina Nordström (1862-OCT-21 -- )
He has also provided some information about the Allard surname in Sweden

Geraldine Rae has submitted the following information on her great grandfather Maurice William Allard (I447) (Allard 1891 UK census entries tree)
Additions to Maurice William Allard - wife Ada Elizabeth Henly (1874 - 1932). Married 4th Q 1893.
Children - Kathleen Mary Allard (1894 - 1954), Evelyn Rose Allard (1895 - 1969) and Annie Louisa Allard (1896 - 1956).
Kathleen married an Australian soldier after WW1 and migrated to Australia. Evelyn married an English man, had a daughter and then the three of them migrated to Australia. Annie married an Englishman and lived all her life in the UK.
The name has died out in Australia from this line, as all the children were girls.

I've done a lot of research and this site was most helpful. I feel like I hit the jackpot! - Jennifer Allard
I am happy and surprised to discover all this information about my Allard ancestry. - Paul Vallee

feature 3 Allard references
Christina Brittain kindly supplied the following details about some interesting Allard references:

Gervase Alard was Admiral of The Fleet in 1295, and became Mayor of Winchelsea in 1306. It is thought the Stephen Alard who had paid for Gervase’s elaborate monument in Winchelsea, was his brother.

Many Allards settled in the former port of Winchelsea. In the parish church (St. Thomas a Becket) there are the famous Alard tombs. The tombs are of Gervais, (the mayor) who died in 1310; his son Stephen Alard who died 1327 or 1330. Another son of Gervais, Robert Alard is also mentioned, and a Reynaul Alard is buried there from 1354. These tombs are spectacular, and well worth a visit.

There was a Sibilia Alard, who was tax-payer, paying 10 shillings, in The Rape of Hastings in the year 1296. (From “British History Online” - Sussex Subsidy Roll of 1296)

feature 4 Canada Allards Update History
Canada Allards Tree latest 5 January 2018

There are a few new records from Woonsocket and Central Falls, Rhode Island and an assortment of adjustments, corrections, etc. to other records as I review my source citations.

Ed Allard

Canada Allards Tree latest 1 December 2017

There are not many new records. Just a number of refinements, corrections and adjustments to a number of source citations.

Ed Allard

Canada Allards Tree latest 29 October 2017

The 1881 census is now complete for Allard surnames (including common variant spellings) across all available provinces and territories. Some (few) districts in Quebec continued to record wives under their maiden names, so their families have also been included.

Up to now the proper titles of source documents were not being displayed with each record. That should be fixed with this update.

Ed Allard

Canada Allards Tree latest 2 October 2017

The update adds data from the 1881 Canadian census. Québec province is about 60% complete; the rest of the country is complete. I would also like to thank Lyne Gauvin for bringing to my attention different entries under different names for the baptism & burial of Marie Clarenda Laurence Allard, record #23231. That record has now been updated.

Ed Allard

Canada Allards Tree latest 4 September 2017

This update includes new information from my review of various obituary and cemetery sources in Canada. Also a number of data errors have been corrected (people born too soon after a previous child, married too young, an event after death, etc.).

In addition I would like to thank:

a. Debbie Thayer for tombstone data and images for the family of John Finley Allard & Jennet McMartin;

b. Candace Punch for information on several generations of the family of Levi W. Allard & Lucy Moulton; and

c. Rodney Martin for setting me straight on the two marriages and families of Pierre Élie Allard, son of Pierre & Monique Drouillard. Those adjustments are all reflected in this update.

Ed Allard

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