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151 (Medical):See attached sources. Allard, George (I33940)
152 (Medical):See attached sources. Lefever, Bertha Florence (I2524)
153 (Medical):See attached sources. Allard, Leona Blanche (I2218)
154 (Medical):Serious back problems - 3 herniated disks. Allard, Mary Ellen (I1380)
155 (Medical):Total malnutrition was apparently a contributing factor in death. Allard, Mary Margaret Bertha (I6738)
156 (Medical):Triple bypass surgery on 1 Feb 1987. Couture, Marie Rose Blanche Cécile (I15255)
157 (Research):1851 Canada West census (Prescott), indexed as Beron. Allard dit Biron, Narcisse (I6494)
158 (Research):> Allard, Élisabeth (I406)
159 (Research):Alternate name provided by Donald Allard, 8 Oct 1997. Radoux, Imelda (I2715)
160 (Research):Apparently a strong Iroquois heritage somewhere in marriage. Lamoureux, Israël (I4841)
161 (Research):Appears in 1851 Cda West census as Beron and 1871 Census for Quebec East as Biron. Allard dit Biron, Jean (I202)
162 (Research):Baptised Aurélie but known as Nathalie (or Anatalie/Anathalie) in all other records. Allard, Anathalie (I576)
163 (Research):Baptism also found in Quebec registers on, Parish: Rigaud, Vol 1847-1856, image 283 Allard, Caroline (I22313)
164 (Research):Baptism indexed as Aalard. Allard, Thomas Honoré (I1640)
165 (Research):Baptism indexed as Alard, but in the record it was written Lalard or, more likely, Halard. Allard, Suzanne (I18161)
166 (Research):Baptism indexed as Halard. Allard, Clothilde (I18135)
167 (Research):Baptism indexed as Hallard. Allard, Marie (I13689)
168 (Research):Baptism record is not indexed. Allard, Marie Emma (I2148)
169 (Research):Baptism record names him Timothé. Marriage record reads Julien, as do census returns. Baptism records for his first two children in Henryville call him Timothé and then Julien for later children. Allard, Julien (I1082)
170 (Research):Baptized as male, named Julien; however no other baptisms for this family are unaccounted for and she/he appears in the 1901 and 1911 censuses as female, alternatively named Julia and Julienne. None of the participants at the baptism could read or write so they probably didn't notice. The surname appears as Yon in the baptism record, the only instance in Chapeau records, but it was a different priest. The more prevalent spelling was Yonne. Her marriage record uses the spelling Dionne. Yonne, Julienne (I1583)
171 (Research):Baptized with the surname "des Pins", or so it seems. Mother's surname is Joutras.
The surnames Despins and Giguère seem interchangeable. Called Giguère in her marriage record but Despins in her own record of baptism and the record of baptisms of many of her children. Despins seems to be the most common usage. 
Despins, Jeanne (I1334)
172 (Research):Believed to have had six children. Family thought to have moved to Sudbury area. At least one or a couple of children have died. No idea if Bert is dead or alive. No info on name of wife or date/place of marriage. Allard, Albert (I2351)
173 (Research):Birth date taken from the 1901 census. Date cited was 8 Feb 1881. Age at death was 56 years 10 months, which suggests a Feb 1880 birth date. However, he does not appear as part of the family in the 1881 census, which occurred in May of 1881, nor in the 1891 census when he would have been about 10 years old. There is no record of his baptism in St-Alexandre, where the family lived throughout this period. It is possible he was baptised Elzéar. Allard, Adélard (I8883)
174 (Research):Born Alexander (or Alexandre) but known as Sasha, based on e-mail from Danusia Donoff dated 5 Jul 2005. Donoff, Alexander "Sasha" (I2942)
175 (Research):Burial record indexed as Mord. Allard, Gabriel (I12800)
176 (Research):Charlotte and Pierre had 12 children. They moved to St-Ours about 1780. Allard, Charlotte (I3391)
177 (Research):Consider possible link as a son of RIN 64562, Mathurin Allard, located in London, England, pending more info on the family ancestry. Allard, Mathurin (I58990)
178 (Research):Consider possible link as the father of RIN 58990, Mathurin Allard located in Massachusetts, pending more info on the family ancestry. Allard, Mathurin (I64562)
179 (Research):Fairly sure this fellow is son of Edward & Jane Sophia Locke, but no christening record has been found to prove it. Allard, George Edward (I64539)
180 (Research):Filming error in Ste-Brigide parish register - records for the year 1859 appear in the volume for 1858. Allard, Pierre (I2361)
181 (Research):Florence Rand Ruth Allard are currently assumed to be the same person
Mike James 15 Jan 2016 
Allard, Florence R (I7)
182 (Research):From Maryse Allard, email dated 26 Sep 2014:
C'est avec raison que vous ne trouviez aucune trace du baptême de ma tante Aline. Je ne sais pourquoi l'écriture dans le registre de St-Rosaire ne s'est pas fait au moment de son baptême. Ce que je sais par contre c'est qu'à un moment de sa vie adulte elle a eu besoin de son certificat de naissance. Elle en avait fait la demande au presbytère de St-Rosaire. Elle n'a pas pu l'avoir parce que.... rien n'était écrit dans le registre de la paroisse. Par chance, son parrain était toujours vivant. C'est devant un juge que le parrain à certifier le baptême de Aline et qu'ainsi elle puisse avoir un certificat de naissance en règle. Je ne sais pas en quelle année il y a eu ce jugement de la cour. 
Allard, Aline (I3005)
183 (Research):Gravestone on the Canada Grave,marker website, photographed in May 2001, contains a birth date but the death is blank, suggesting she was still alive in 2001, or perhaps she was buried elsewhere. Allard, Marie Blanche (I10699)
184 (Research):He does not appear with this family in either the 1861 or 1871 censuses. Allard, Frédéric (I18726)
185 (Research):Her birth and baptism information are taken from the Chapeau parish register. Evidence of her death was gathered from a mortuary card found in a family prayer book. Esther was the godmother to her younger sister Éxilda. Allard, Esther (I2743)
186 (Research):His marriage record cites his name as Joseph Hilaire, but he signed the record as simply Joseph. It is the only record I've found where the name Hilaire appears. Chaput, Joseph Hilaire (I4688)
187 (Research):I believe Edwin J Allard and Edwin Allard to be the same person despite the age differences in the 1881 and 1891 Census transcripts on FindMyPast. The age is unclear and could be either 13 or 18. Since the entries for the household in the 1891 Census appear to be sorted by age of person I am working on the assumption that the age as recorded is 13 years, and as such agrees with the 1881 Census entry.
Mike James 16 Jan 2016 
Allard, Edwin J (I635)
188 (Research):I believe she was born on 12 Sep 1591 in St-Jean-Baptiste parish, daughter of Louis & Frse Bonnault (spelling uncertain), Register #450, folio 175. Migaud, Louise (I2920)
189 (Research):In his burial record, he is named Joseph Allard the son of Pierre Allard & Madeleine Bouchard rather than the husband of Thérèse Castonguay. That usually occurred only for unmarried children, yet his age at death, 46 years, coincides with the birth date. Allard, Joseph François (I5637)
190 (Research):In one version of Chapeau registers that I viewed in the Archives Nationales du Québec, I came across a marriage notation in the margin of Joséphine Dinasse Brazeau's baptism record; however, that version does not appear online on either Ancestry or FamilySearch and, while I did note the date, place and groom's name, I have since lost the page references for it. Brazeau, Joséphine Dinasse (I13836)
191 (Research):Indexed as Adelard Allarde in 1911 census (Jacques-Cartier district). Allard, Joseph Adélard (I13295)
192 (Research):Indexed as Allind in 1881 Cdn census. Allard, John (I39253)
193 (Research):Indexed as Ellon (surname) in 1891 Cdn Census Allore, Edward (I9198)
194 (Research):Indexed in 1851 Cda West census as Beron or Baron. Allard dit Biron, Narcisse (I203)
195 (Research):Indexed in US 1880 census as Allaid. Allard, Guillaume (I13954)
196 (Research):Info on family received in an e-mail from son Ken Allard. No info is available on a marriage date or place. No info on children's birthdates or current family status. Allard, Wayne Kenneth (I2375)
197 (Research):Likely born in the USA. Baptism not found in Québec. Rouleau, Marcel (I2450)
198 (Research):Marriage record indexed as Hallard. Allard dite Longpré, Julie (I13467)
199 (Research):Name appears alternatively as Victoire & Victoria depending on the record and the person writing it. Daigle, Victoria (I495)
200 (Research):Named Emilia (or what appears like it) in her baptism record. Marginal note states that she married Napoléon Lévesque, with no date. Allard, Exilda (I2821)

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