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The family of John Finley Allard


Debbie Thayer


John Finley Allard was born on March 22, 1890 in Korah Township, ON and died in  the Sault Ste. Marie (aka The Soo), Ontario on April 16, 1974.

       He and his first cousin, Retta Jannet McMartin, married on June 28, 1912. They are buried in West Korah Cemetery.



Retta Jannet McMartin was born on October 26, 1893, in Sarawack County, ON, as Jannet Retta McMartin. Her birth certificate states that she was born to Jane McMartin and John G. Campbell (see Family tidbits: McMartin: John G. Campbell) of Brookholm, Sarawack County, Ontario.  Retta died in Thessalon, ON on April 17, 1977 at the Algoma Care nursing home. She suffered from dementia.

Doris said that when Retta was about 12 years old, she and her mother, Jane, moved to the Soo after Retta's grandfather, Malcolm, died in 1905.


It must have been hard for Retta at that age as she saved pictures of her class, her 1904 perfect attendance records and autograph books.


Retta and Jane lived with Retta’s aunt Ellen (Jane's sister), her husband William Allard, and their sons: John Finley, and William Malcolm, and Retta's Uncle Herbert, who was the senior William’s youngest brother.

After John and Retta married, they purchased Maple Grove Farm from John’s parents (see Miscellaneous info: Maple Grove Farm), which later home of the Retriever Club. Their son, John 'Jack' William Raymond, was born at Maple Grove. Doris recalled that around 1917-1918, the property was sold to William Nash. 


John and Retta purchased 5 acres on the west side of the road where Doris was born in 1922. Opposite the farm was a body of water which came to be known as Allard’s Lake.  Jack Allard's son, Raymond, continues to live in the original house where Doris was born. William and Ellen built on adjoining property later.


John built a large, steam-driven sawmill on the shores of Allard’s Lake where he employed about 10 people until 1927-28. His son, Jack, operated a portable mill on this site for several years, possibly until 1939. John had been a blacksmith and on February 2, 1938, he was appointed as a “Commissioner for taking Affidavits” for Algoma by the Department of Agriculture.


Doris remembered her mother developing her own pictures “until times got too hard” during the Depression. John and Retta retired from farm life and moved to 115 Albert Street, within the city limits of the Soo. 

       John was a strong liberal supporter and one time the home on Albert Street was used as a polling station. Retta was president of the local Women’s Institute and received a pin for 50 years of membership.

Doris recalled that Retta received a letter during the Depression years from someone in England stating that Retta was the last surviving relative of another someone in England, and if she would kindly send over the money, a castle would become her property.  The letter has been lost over the years and since Retta’s mother, Jane, was one of 11 children, Retta could not have been the sole heir.  A family mystery yet to be solved.


Parents of John: William Allard and Ellen McMartin [see no.3]
Parents of Retta: Jane McMartin [see no. 5] and John G. Cameron (b 29 December 1857, Ontario -  [see Family tidbits: McMartin: John G. Campbell]

Children of John and Retta:
John 'Jack' William Raymond born November 17, 1916-August 3, 1989—from Allard headstone West Korah Cemetery); married Olive Edna Ethel Brown (see Family Tidbits: Allard)

Doris Reta born October 14, 1922 married Cyril Willard Thayer (born July 20, 1910) in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on June 12, 1946.



    3. William Allard was born February 15, 1869 in Osprey Township, South Grey County,

        ON, and died on April 10, 1947 in the Soo.

       He and Ellen McMartin married in the Soo on July 15, 1886.  They are buried in West Korah Cemetery.

Ellen McMartin was born on December 5, 1866 in Owen Sound, Grey County, ON, and died on April 14, 1950 in Korah Township, ON.


In the 1880's the couple received a deed in 1893 for N 1/4 section of sec. 5, Korah Township.  This would have been after they had already cleared the land and built a log house and barn. They built a larger frame house about 8 years later. By this time they had a large orchard, a hand-picked stone fence, enough pasture for 18 to 20 cows, sheep, lambs, several horses and a team of oxen.  They called it Maple Grove Farm  [see Miscellaneous info: Maple Grove Farm].


Parents of William:      John Allard and Jennet/Janet McAllister [see no.4] 
Parents of Ellen:         Malcolm McMartin and Jannet McCallum 

Children of William and Ellen:
John Finley born March 22, 1890  [see no.2] 
Jennie born and died in 1891
William Malcolm born on September 25, 1894; married Myrtle Burtram on May 25, 1901[see Family tidbits: Allard]



Fourth Generation: Doris's Great Grandparents

    4.John Allard told a census taker that he was born on December 19, 1843 in mid-Kent, England but in the 1901 Census, he reported that his parents immigrated to Canada in 1840 and he was born on December 19, 1945. John died on July 12, 1907 in Korah Township of heart disease.

He married Jennet/Janet McAllister on November 23, 1863.  Both he and Jennet are buried in the West Korah Cemetery.

Jennet/Janet McAllister was born April 20, 1847 in Scotland and died in Korah Township on August 23, 1916 of apoplexy. She immigrated to Collingwood, ON, with her parents in 1855.

Doris recalled that John emigrated from England to Stayner, ON, and then moved to the Soo.  John and Jennet purchased 160 acres of land where Allard Street is at present. In the Ontario Census for 1891, John is listed as 50 years old, and both he and his son, Louis, are recorded as carpenters in Algoma. By the 1901 Census for Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie Town, John is listed as 55 years old and his occupation is watchman.

Parents of John:    William Allard and Mary, if John was born in Wateringbury, Kent on January 1, 1843, or

Elizabeth Allard (no recorded father) if John was born in Horsmonden, Kent, on October 29, 1844, or


Children of John and Jennet:
William born February 16 1869 [see no. 3]
Malcolm born about 1870; he only appears in 1871 Ontario Census
Louis born about 1871; married Ethel Sorenson
Mary born about 1873; married Caleb Lane [see Family tidbits: Allard]
Daniel born about 1876; married Ella McLeod [see Family tidbits: Allard]
Sarah born about 1878; married James Moore Thompson, a butcher, on  [see Family tidbits: Allard]
Albert born July 20, 1880; married Lexy [see Family tidbits: Allard]
Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ born May 14, 1885; married James Moore Thompson after sister Sarah's death [see Family tidbits: Allard]  

Thomas born March 14, 1887; married Marian Elizabeth Wilson
Herbert born March 10, 1891; married Henrietta ‘Etta’ Rutledge
[see Family tidbits: Allard]

Family tidbits



1.  Children of John and Jennet McAllister 

i)    Albert Allard, born about 1883, married Lexy.  According to Doris, Albert lived on the “road to Hiawatha and Clayton”.  Albert and Lexy’s children:

Beatrice married Fred McBride

Florence married William McEachern

Thomas married Violet  Hildarly and had a daughter, Dawn


ii)   Daniel Allard, born about 1876, married Ella McLeod.  Doris recalled that Daniel lived on

St. Thomas Street

in the Soo, but in the 1911 Census, they are reported as living at

174 Church Street

. At the time of Daniel’s death on June 4, 1927, he was listed as “operator at Power House for the City”.  Daniel and Ella’s children:



Harold married Lilly and had sons Douglas and Reginald



Lilly Mae married a Filpovitch and had two children, Margarite and John


William married Mildred Royal and had three children, William, Robert and Susan (who married Duane Nicholson)


iii)  Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Allard, born about 1885, married James Moore Thompson on October 29, 1914, after her sister and James’ first wife, Sarah, died (see also Family tidbits: Sarah Allard). Lizzie and James’ children:


Arvela married an Eckford and had daughter, Louella

Melba was the single mother of Ronnie Allard

William who married a Brooks



(iv) Herbert Allard, born March 10, 1891 and John Finley Allard's uncle, lived on

Charles Street

in the Soo, just up the street from where Cyril, Doris and their family resided.


      (v)  Mary Allard born about 1873, married Caleb Lane who was a barber on Queen Street in the Soo, “near the Old Stone House”, according to Doris. Their children:





      (vi) Sarah Allard, born about 1878, married James Moore Thompson on December 22, 1897. She died on February 1, 1909 from septic peritonitis caused by placenta previa (see also Family tidbits: Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Allard).




    3.   John Finley Allard and Retta McMartin had their 50th anniversary on June 28, 1962 when most of the family posed for this picture.



4.   William Malcolm Allard, born on September 25, 1894 married Myrtle Burtram on May 25, 1901. Their children:

     William Warren married Edna

     Glenda married Richard Cardiff and had two daughters, Colleen and Erin.