The Allard One-Name Study

26 July 2017 Thank you Debbie Thayer for sharing the marriage record for John Allard and Janet McAllister, in 1863 in Collingwood, Ontario.

Thank you also to Gary Duguay for additional information on the family of Ozias Allard & Sara Duguay.

In addition, this update includes further inputs from a collection of Quebec obituaries for the period March 2007-July 2017. - Ed Allard

30 June 2017 - This update includes a revamped set of media files. All the media links in the family file now work properly and most filenames now include a RIN for reference purposes. I have added a collection of individual snapshots as well, mostly taken from recent obit files. The update finalizes the 1880 US census entries that were not complete last time and it also includes the results of a few hundred obituaries found in Ontario & Quebec in the years 2016 and 2017. Work is progressing on earlier obits. - Ed Allard

4 May 2017 - This update includes about 75% of the Allards in the 1880 US census - New York, Ohio and Vermont are the main states remaining to be done (among a few other smaller states) and will appear in the next update in June. - Ed Allard

2 April 2017 - This update contains a series of additions and adjustments to records primarily from the USA (New England, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland) in the early to mid-1800s. - Ed Allard

2 March 2017 - For this update, there are more new details on Allard families in Michigan, including two new links to Somerset, England (James Allard & Mary Ann Blatch as well as Joseph Allard & Eliza Hoddinott). There are also some changes among the early descendants of Hugh Allard & Grace Tucker in New Hampshire. I have also added a media folder with some 200 media links. - Ed Allard

2 February 2017 - In this update, Sandra Crawford provided considerable information on the family of William Allard & Charlotte Hall from Worcestershire and André Allard offered some additional details on the family of René Allard & Jacqueline Courtemanche from St-Césaire, Québec. There is also new information on Allards in the state of Michigan. - Ed Allard

12 December 2016 - This update adds a number of new and amended records for Michigan and Wisconsin and includes a clean-up of Ontario BMD registrations. - Ed Allard

10 December 2016 - A cleanup of a large number of records - more housekeeping than research. - Ed Allard

6 November 2016 - This update finalizes inputs for the 1871 Canadian Census and includes new information for a number of individuals in the Saguenay region of Quebec offered by Bernard Bouchard. - Ed Allard

1 November 2016 - This update contains about 75% of the 1871 Cdn census records for Allard surnames and surname variants (Alard, Allore, Alore, Alord, Alors, etc.) plus a number of smaller corrections and adjustments. - Ed Allard

7 October 2016 - A small update to correct the accented characters and also reflect the complete 1861 Canada census for Allard names (and variants). - Ed Allard

1 October 2016 - I have posted an update of the Canada Allards database. It reflects the addition of 1851 and 1861 Canadian census records. 1851 is complete; 1861 is about 75%. - Ed Allard

14 August 2016 - A new update. It reflects new data provided by Debbie Thayer, Emilie Jane Côté, Jennifer Allard & Paul Vallée. It also includes new or amended material from New England records through 1900 as well as a more complete display of the first generation of individuals who do not carry the Allard surname. - Ed Allard