The Allard One-Name Study

2 April 2017 - This update contains a series of additions and adjustments to records primarily from the USA (New England, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland) in the early to mid-1800s. - Ed Allard

2 March 2017 - For this update, there are more new details on Allard families in Michigan, including two new links to Somerset, England (James Allard & Mary Ann Blatch as well as Joseph Allard & Eliza Hoddinott). There are also some changes among the early descendants of Hugh Allard & Grace Tucker in New Hampshire. I have also added a media folder with some 200 media links. - Ed Allard

2 February 2017 - In this update, Sandra Crawford provided considerable information on the family of William Allard & Charlotte Hall from Worcestershire and André Allard offered some additional details on the family of René Allard & Jacqueline Courtemanche from St-Césaire, Québec. There is also new information on Allards in the state of Michigan. - Ed Allard

12 December 2016 - This update adds a number of new and amended records for Michigan and Wisconsin and includes a clean-up of Ontario BMD registrations. - Ed Allard

10 December 2016 - A cleanup of a large number of records - more housekeeping than research. - Ed Allard

6 November 2016 - This update finalizes inputs for the 1871 Canadian Census and includes new information for a number of individuals in the Saguenay region of Quebec offered by Bernard Bouchard. - Ed Allard

1 November 2016 - This update contains about 75% of the 1871 Cdn census records for Allard surnames and surname variants (Alard, Allore, Alore, Alord, Alors, etc.) plus a number of smaller corrections and adjustments. - Ed Allard

7 October 2016 - A small update to correct the accented characters and also reflect the complete 1861 Canada census for Allard names (and variants). - Ed Allard

1 October 2016 - I have posted an update of the Canada Allards database. It reflects the addition of 1851 and 1861 Canadian census records. 1851 is complete; 1861 is about 75%. - Ed Allard

14 August 2016 - A new update. It reflects new data provided by Debbie Thayer, Emilie Jane Côté, Jennifer Allard & Paul Vallée. It also includes new or amended material from New England records through 1900 as well as a more complete display of the first generation of individuals who do not carry the Allard surname. - Ed Allard